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I only started escorting last Thursday on the 9th of May, 2013 (I’m going to have to commit this date to memory!) So now actually I’ve been the Best Escort for exactly a week! My first week anniversary. Woop woop!

My very first experience was only a couple of hours after my interview with the Toronto Escort Agency. I was extremely nervous! The first client was a patron who likes to try out the new additions, which was me in this case. I was very nervous, eager to please, worrying about if he’ll like me and how it will all go.

The day before I had called and planned an interview with Liz. When I went to the escort agency I was nervous and excited. There I was greeted by Liz and Don, and also one of the girls. They were extremely warm and receptive, and I immediately felt at ease. They gave me the run-down of how it works and made sure I was comfortable and understanding of everything this job would entail. I was! A few moments after we went to take my pictures, I got posted, and I was waiting excitedly for my first client to call. As it turns out my first client was the aforementioned patron at the escort agency in Canada. As soon as I knew he was coming I rushed to get ready and prepped. I double checked my hair and lingerie looked nice with Liz and the girls. Ok actually I might have asked them a few times. When I knew he was only a few moments away I was fidgeting by the door, waiting at the peephole. Then I saw him... He was a total gentleman. He was aware it was my first day. We proceeded to the bedroom and… well, the rest is easy to figure out! But it was GOOD. I don’t know what I expected before, in fact, I didn’t really think about what the actual act would be like, but I’m happy to say I actually enjoyed myself. A lot! After he left I called Don and Liz and told them all about it. I was very excited and relieved. I could definitely do this! Shortly after the patron called them too, and he said he enjoyed himself. (He also said the first few moments at the door I was trembling like a leaf LOL.) But all in all, we both had a great time, and he said I’d better get used to his dick because I’ll be seeing it a lot ;) smooth one.

But he also said that I was like a breath of fresh air in the industry. Now that made me happy. I realized it gives me the rush to have my clients feel like that about me, to be impressed. I always want to have that exhilarated feeling that says I delivered what they wanted. Ever since then that is what I strive for, and so far it’s going real good J

Haha, so that was my first EXPERIENCE as an escort. If I told you about my first day… Well, that’s where it gets really interesting. That evening I was sitting with the girls watching TV. Our boss had gotten us fancy takeout and we were munching on that (thanks again Don!). Then a call came with a special kind of request… Don suddenly piped up and asked if any of the girls were willing to go to a scat fetish call (the kind with yellow and brown showers). Well, I thought I wasn’t quite ready to do that. It was my first day! In fact, that very same day, when Liz and Don asked me what my boundaries would be… I said the only thing I wouldn’t really be up for right now is scat (everything else is pretty much fair game, I said. I found out that’s what they call a ‘PSE’ ;) )

Sooo one of the girls volunteered. Don got back to the client to let him know. When it came time to go to the call, the girl who had initially raised her hand said she was only willing to do the yellow and not the brown shower. At that point it was too late, the booking was made! The agency would have to cancel because no one else was willing to do it. So that’s when I volunteered… I had a hilarious flashback to that very afternoon when Liz asked me: “So what are your boundaries? What would you not do?” I thought about it for a moment, then giggling said: ”I guess maybe scat!” Liz laughed too! They never got that request before, so she said I was good. Hahaha little did we know what was to come my very first outcall. Haha the irony! So of course I got prepped for my call, and off we went to the hotel. That was very exciting too. My very first outcall! I was feeling a total rush.

The client himself was extremely polite, nice, and well-mannered. He was extremely respectful and seemed like a great guy. Before everything we did, he asked me if I would be okay with it. It wasn’t a bad experience at all. It was actually pretty fun!

Has anyone ever seen two girls one cup? My first day as an escort was basically a re-enactment of that. The bathroom was totally destroyed :’) He drank his own feces while I roughly jerked him off and twisted his nipples. We parted with him telling me that it was ‘the kinkiest sex he’s ever had.’ I was very pleased with this. I went home with an adrenaline rush that day.

Haha when I came back everyone asked me how it went. Don called me and asked if I was OK. I said I was! He asked if I’d do it again, and I said I would! I also later told Liz it would be a great story to tell! Haha but who do you tell a story like that to? It seemed like a waste really! It’s hilarious. But here I got my chance J

I pride myself on saying that I’m ready and open for the kinkiest sex you can think of. Everything is an experience, and you could say I collect experiences. You know the XP points you get from fancy fight combos in video games? And then you level up? Yeah, that’s how I think of it. I love this job! And I can’t wait for all the new things I will encounter

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