Roxi's First Experience

Aug 23, 2018
I got into escorting not because of the money, but because I enjoy sex and wanted to further explore my sexuality. My first day I sat anxiously waiting for my first call in a swanky hotel. I paced the room while flipping through crappy cable channels. Once I got the call, my face was glued to the peep hole, wanting to get a good look at the guy before he saw me. I let an attractive, young, business man into the room, we kissed, he complimented my look, and then we got to business. He was kind, quick and easy! I never looked back since!

Dallis's First Time

Aug 01, 2018
Wow! Great topic...hmmmmm my first time as an escort was TERRIFYING! I worked for playboy previously so I had known a few women in the industry...but thought I could NEVER do that!!! Funny how things change! I was was quite promiscuous at the time so I figured hey why not make some cash doing it! (I feel so slutty just saying that) LOL I googled escort agencies in toronto and went through photos of the escort girls. I chose which agency to call based on the photos of the escort girls. I called an escort agency Called Vixens and hung up about 27 times. I decided to send an email instead. When I received a response I felt a lot more at ease at the pleasant voice on the other line. I decided to meet with the escort agency at a timmies close to wear my house and had a billion questions, which of course me being me were written down and highlighted in a black book.